A Year in the Wilderness

A dramatic wilderness and wild life surrounded by an awe-inspiring Tatra scenery – that is the subject of a new photograpy book A Year in the Wilderness. The book featuring photographs and text by Karol Kalisky and will not leave anyone indifferent.

The book is a magnificent celebration of wild and still untouched part of Slovak nature, where wild beast such as bear, wolf and lynx live their savage lives freely.

Join us, enter the Real Wilderness Kingdom and inspire yourself by unusual authentic stories captured by an enthusiastic film maker and photographer, who had spent hundreds of days and nights in the middle of wilderness! The book is already on the shelfs in our E-shop.

Language mutations: Slovak, English and Polish.

Readers' reactions:

“When I first visited the Tatra mountains, someone told me that there are just two seasons there: "winter and f…ing winter!" :) Jokes apart, this book gracefully discloses the stunning diversity of this mountain wilderness as it unfolds through the seasons. One can easily get envious of the remarkable series of wildlife encounters Karol Kalisky has been able to document with his camera. What would take several lifetimes for normal people to achieve, in fact, has took this outstanding ambassador of Slovak nature just one, truly precious book."

Bruno D'Amicis - Wildlife Photography


           Thumbnails of selected dual pages of the book (click on the picture):