The Wolf Mountains on Nat Geo Wild



A few days ago in one of the dominant British newspaper - The Independent - it appears a short but very positive evaluation of our film The Wolf Mountains. One of the reasons is broadcasting of this documentary about the wilderness of the Eastern Carpathians in UK these days on Nat Geo Wild, belonging to the National Geographic Channel group. The joy that we have based on these reports does not stem only from the valuation of our work, but mostly from advertising that gets to the Wolf mountains - territory which has huge potential to become a European Yellowstone.

Gradually the film, as part of the broadcasting of the station, appears on screens across Europe and Africa - together in 118 countries, including Russia, Greenland and Madagascar. We believe that through this publicity will increase interest in this area worldwide. And that could help not only to better protection of the nature in these mountains. We hope that could also help to develop the whole region thanks to tourists who will want to see this locality full of wildlife and mysterious forest with their own eyes.