Disappearing World of the Capercaillie

Our production in Arolla Film attempts to positively motivate people to protect wilderness. But sometimes is a destruction of nature so extensive and changes are so rapid that to stop it calls for more radical procedures. This is also the case of a capercaillie, species closely connected to the natural mountain forests.

We haven't been able to watch anymore the disappearing of dozens of lek sites occupied by capercaillie just a few years ago.

So we decided to make a short video that shows one example from Low Tatra Mts. - dramatic changes in habitats of the capercaillie over the last ten years. The animation is made from real satellite images, the crosses with names of localities are real extinct lek sites. This video is part of an initiative for a better protection of capercaillie’s natural habitat - old mountain forests.

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Animations: Peter Skala 
Photography: Karol Kaliský, Jozef Fiala, Juraj Žiak, Vlado Ruppeldt
Postproduction: Jana Sadloňová, IRISFILM 
Grading: Dušan Sadloň 
Scripted and directed by Erik Baláž